1. The contract entered into is between Great Prawls Farm Holiday Cottages (the Owner) and the person making the booking (the Hirer).
  2. The contract is not effective until either (a) The booking is completed online and 50% deposit of the total booking fee has been received OR (b) A completed booking form and 50% deposit of the total booking fee has been received. If the booking is made less than 6 weeks before the arrival date, 100% of the booking fee is required to secure a booking. 5 working days are allowed for monies to be received.


  1. Hirers must be over the age of 18. We do not accept bookings from groups of young people.
  2. The hirer is responsible for all people within the group staying and should ensure that they are all aware of our terms and conditions.
  3. The Owners reserve the right to decline any booking or to refuse entry to anyone who has not complied with the booking conditions.
  4. Payment can be made via Bank Transfer, Cheque payable to Mrs P.Cooke or Paypal. All payments should be made in Pounds Sterling and the Hirer is responsible for any fees, surcharges or exchange rates.
  5. It is a condition of the booking that the Hirer has taken out their own holiday cancellation insurance.
  6. The balance is required 6 weeks before your arrival date.
  7. Until receipt of deposit (or full payment should you wish) all bookings are considered provisional and can be cancelled without prior notice. Upon receipt of funds, a booking will be confirmed in writing or by email. Once a booking has been confirmed the hirer is responsible for the total cost of the stay.


  1. Arrival time is after 3pm (Information about keys will be provided in your booking confirmation, after balance payment).
  2. On the day of departure, departure time is 10am or before. Please respect these timings, to allow us fair time to clean properties between lets.
  3. Should you be excessively delayed in your arrival please try to telephone us. We generally recommend that guests arrive before dark for their own ease of finding us.


  1. In the event of a cancellation by the Hirer (after deposit paid but before balance due) we will endeavour to re-let the property(ies). Please telephone us immediately, to allow us as much time as possible to do so. If we are successful in re-letting the property, we will refund all deposit monies received less a £50 handling charge per week, per property. If in the event we are unable to re-let the property, your full deposit will be forfeited.
  2. In the event of a cancellation by the Hirer (after full payment has been made) You will be held liable for the full amount of the booking and all monies will be forfeited. We reiterate, you are strongly advised to take out appropriate holiday cancellation insurance.
  3. Non payment of the balance by the due date (6 weeks / 42 days prior to arrival date) may be treated as a cancellation. However a reminder will be sent before interpreting this as a cancellation.
  4. In the event of the property being unavailable for reasons beyond our control, for example fire damage, the Owner will endeavour to either provide alternative accommodation (after consultation and agreement with the Hirer) OR give a complete refund of monies received. If the only alternative accommodation is of a higher price we reserve the right to charge the difference.
  5. In the unlikely event of cancellation by the Owners before the commencement of your holiday, the owner shall only be liable for the return of monies received. We will not be liable for any consequential loss the Hirer may suffer or pay any compensation to the Hirer.


  1. By entering into the contract, you understand that the cottages are let on the basis of a holiday only and the term of the let cannot be extended.
  2. The numbers of people occupying a property must at no time exceed the maximum number of bed spaces in that property. As stated on our website, Tamworth Cottage sleeps 4 (plus cot) and Meadow Cottage sleeps 5 (plus cot).The Hirer is not to allow the property(ies) to be occupied by more than the maximum number of persons as stated on our web site unless prior written agreement with the Owner has been made.
  3. The Hirer is not to entertain / invite additional guests to Great Prawls Farm Holiday Cottages (either individual properties or the farm), without the permission and prior consent of the Owner.
  4. The Owner reserves the right to refuse entry to the entire property(ies) or request the party to leave the site, if the number / names of persons differs from that stated on the booking form. Full payment will still be required (no monies will be reimbursed) if the Hirer or any members of the Hirers party are requested to vacate the accommodation / site.
  5. The Owner has the right to enter the property(ies) at any reasonable time, for any reason they see fit, such as but not limited to; maintenance/repair/installation of services and at any time in the case of an emergency. Hirers must also be aware that throughout your stay, the Owner will need to cut the grass and maintain the garden as appropriate and we ask that you make allowance for this.
  6. The Hirer is responsible for leaving the property(ies) in good order and clean condition, otherwise an additional cleaning charge may be levied.
  7. The Hirer will pay for or make good, any damage (including that caused by any dogs), breakage or loss (excluding reasonable wear and tear) incurred during occupation. Major damage / breakages, should be reported to the Owner immediately, so that it can be remedied.
  8. The Hirer is responsible for the party not causing nuisance, harm or annoyance to occupants in the other properties at Great Prawls Farm.
  9. If the Owners consider anyone is causing a nuisance, harm, causing damage or not treating either the farm, the accommodation property(ies), other guests, farm animals with respect, the contract may be discharged and we may repossess the property(ies) immediately. The Hirer will remain liable for the whole cost of hire and no refund shall be due.


  1. Before embarking on the self guided walks around Great Prawls Farm please make sure you have read the guidance on using the trails. This is available in all properties and it is the responsibility of the Hirer to draw it to the attention of all members of the party who wish to use the trails.
  2. Great Prawls Farm is a working Sheep farm, and as such there may be times when tractors and machinery are operating, please keep away. Similarly, please be respectful to the environment at all times, no running, shouting, littering or cycling is permitted. The quieter you are the more wildlife you will see and it ensures the farm remains a peaceful haven for everyone!
  3. Appropriate sturdy and enclosed footwear should be worn when on the trails, no open toe sandals or flip-flops for example. Try to be vigilant of your footing at all times, we know the views are lovely but please check back regularly to see where you are putting your feet! Take particular care walking downhill and always be aware of rabbit holes which can be concealed in long grass.
  4. Please follow the maps carefully and try to stick to the trail routes. Always leave gates the way you find them. The trails are open in daylight hours, but not after 8pm.
  5. Around the farm there are naturally occurring hazards such as watercourses, steep gradients and uneven ground, appropriate care, caution and supervision must be exercised at all times. Never climb fences or trees or play on farm machinery the farm is absolutely not a playground. Avoid walking through wooded areas / under trees in windy conditions and never allow small children near the water in the ditches or ponds.
  6. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  7. There may be times when we need to close one or all of the trails for maintenance or because it is unsafe. We will try to ensure we speak with you or place a note through the door of the cottage to let you know and we will always endeavour to re-open them ASAP. The Farm Trails are for exclusive use of our holidaymakers and are not open all year or to the general public.
  8. Hands should be washed after visiting / touching any animals on the farm. We would also kindly request that you check your footwear is clean when returning to the cottage, because the sheep have some messy habits!
  9. When driving down the farm lane please do not exceed the 10mph speed limit for the safety of everyone, particularly children and animals. Thank you.


  1. No dogs shall be brought to Great Prawls Farm Holiday Cottages without prior permission of the Owner. At no time can any other type of pet / animal (except for dogs by arrangement) be brought into the property(ies)
  2. A maximum of two small or one medium size dog(s) are permitted in Meadow Cottage by prior arrangement and this must be stated when making the booking.
  3. Sheep roam freely in the surrounding fields and around the farm, please keep dogs on a lead at all times. Particular care must be taken around pregnant Ewes or Ewes with young lambs, which should at no time be approached with a dog.
  4. Dogs must not be allowed to chase wildlife, or cause fright / distress to other animals or people and should always be under close control.
  5. Under no circumstances can dogs be left unattended in the property(ies).
  6. Please don’t allow dogs on the beds or furniture. Please bring your own dog beds and bowls if required.
  7. If the Owner considers your pet is causing a nuisance or damage, the Hirer will be required to remove it from the property(ies).
  8. You must clean up after you pet, both in the property and outside and dispose of all waste hygienically.


  1. The information provided on our website is believed to be true and accurate at the time of writing and all reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that descriptions given to each property are fair and accurate. However, minor differences may arise between photographs, illustrations and descriptions (e.g. when equipment / furniture has had to be replaced) of a particular property and an actual property, which are intended to give general guidance and do not form part of the agreement between the Owner and the Hirer.
  2. It is the Hirers responsibility to raise points of particular importance and ask questions in advance of booking.
  3. The Owner takes responsibility to ensure all descriptions are accurate, however, the Owner also reserves the right to alter, substitute or withdraw any service facility / amenity if necessary.
  4. The Owner cannot accept responsibility for any material loss, damage, injury, additional expense or inconvenience directly or indirectly caused by or arising of the property / site, its plumbing, oil, telephone, gas, electricity and wifi services or exceptional weather, to the Hirer or any member of the party during occupancy.
  5. No responsibility is accepted for loss or damage of property (including pets) vehicles or vehicle contents belonging to the Hirer or any member of the party during their occupancy.
  6. The Owner cannot accept responsibility for any material loss, damage, injury, additional expense or inconvenience directly or indirectly caused by or arising from use of the property(ies), their amenities, the farm trails (the farm itself, fields, drive or site) to the Hirer or any member of the party during their occupancy.

WiFi :

  1. Wi-Fi internet access is available free of charge to guests on the condition that it is not used to view / download from sites that have illegal content or images that contravene UK law.
  2. No attempt should be made to interfere with, change or access passwords or accounts associated with the telephone / broadband equipment.
  3. At no point should the Hirer interfere with, tamper or make changes to the telephone equipment in the property(ies) or connect any additional equipment to the telephone line. It is forbidden to use the telephone line to make or receive  calls and if any calls were to be made the Hirer would be liable for all costs incurred.
  4. The Owner is not liable for the Hirers computer equipment or devices not being compatible with our WiFi router / equipment.


  1. Any complaints should be made immediately by the Hirer or as soon as reasonably possible and in any case before departure; to the Owner to give them every chance to rectify the situation.
  2. The Owner is within their rights to refuse to entertain any complaint, irrespective of merits, if the Hirer has not brought this to the attention of the Owner whilst they are in residence at Great Prawls Farm Holiday Cottages.


  1. The construction, validity and performance of this Agreement (contract) is governed by the law of England and the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.
  2. The Hirer agrees that the Contract with the Owner is made at the Owners premises and that any proceedings shall be conducted in the County Court nearest to the Owner.
  3. For the purpose of the Data Protection Act 1998, all personal and other information and details collected by Great Prawls Farm Holiday Cottages in the course of its business, belong to us and will not be disclosed to any third party.